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The Creative Hub at the Glasshouses has seen a recent flourish of activity and now has activity happening Monday through to Friday.

Anne continues one to one working with people on a Wednesday and Thursday as well as working in the Andrew Duncan Clinic art room with the OT team.  The Creative Hub at the Glasshouses is also put to great use by the Orchard Clinic, the Volunteer Hub team and the Cyrenians, it feels really positive to have ongoing activity in the space.

One of our volunteers, Neil, has busy thinking about how we organise the space better in the workshop area. This has resulted in some serious wall building as you can see from the pics. Well done Neil, this will help us organise all the materials we use in the workshops while reducing the visual clutter. We love!

Anne has also been making great use of the fence at the front of the Creative Hub, initiating what will be a changing display of ‘Art on the Railings’, we hope the artworks help to brighten your day as you walk past the space. It’s also lovely to be able to publicly share some of the artworks produced in the workshops with you all.

And finally, as most houses seem to be putting up their festive decorations earlier than ever this year, we have followed suit and installed our festive lights in the Glasshouses, who doesn’t like bright, sparkly things during the dark winter period. Do I hear a baa humbug!



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