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We started a drawing exchange with St Johns and Liberton Hospitals. The process is easy to take part in. There are 4 simple steps where patients start a drawing which is copied and added to by an artist. It is based on a surrealist drawing game, that allows a drawing to change as more people add to it. We have simplified the game to make it work on busy wards.

Our partners in delivering the first part of the project are the Mental Health OT team and IPCU at St Johns and Kirsty MacFarlane, CN and Fiona Walker, DCN ward 4, Liberton Hospital.

In the longer term, the ideas that are emerging will inform a larger scale sculptural project in partnership with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. But for now, it is all about drawing. A doodle, a sketch, a painting. You start it. We photograph it and send it to an artist.

If you are interested in finding out more or want to discuss becoming involved in the future development please contact Anne Elliot at



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