Common Thread Contribute to Stitches for Survival

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Stitching in solidarity, Fiona, Maggie, Joan and Giuseppe at The Glasshouses joined Stitches For Survival to produce a panel for their 1.5 mile long scarf which is being used to campaign locally and nationally during COP26.

Members knitted, crocheted, stitched and crafted 1.5 miles of climate messages for the negotiators to urge them to take bold and binding action together. Mass-craftivism to put the Earth centre-stage at COP26. The length of the scarf represents the 1.5°C target in the Paris Agreement.

Some of the banners were completed too late for the main event at Glasgow Green during the start of November so The Glasshouses are creating our own display in the grounds of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. To help continue this creative campaigning get in touch with Anne if you’d like to make a panel.



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