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Workshops, exhibition, sited works in the courtyard and outside the ADC art room.

Over the last period, artist Nick Evans, Occupational Therapist Jennifer Dawson and patients worked together in the Andrew Duncan Clinic art room.

The last year has been strange for everyone, so when we could, we worked directly with people in the space. When restrictions didn’t allow for that, Jenny kept things going with the group, while Nick supported the group remotely. We loved your determination to keep going!

As with most of Artlink workshops it’s the process that’s important.  The simple act of getting alongside people and making things together is such a lovely thing to do. A calm, supportive and non clinical atmosphere helps everyone relax, and from there the creativity usually flows.

We think the work they produced is incredible and if you missed the exhibition you can still see the 4 plaques in the courtyard just beside the canteen, and the other artwork just outside the ADC art room.

We all know that when opportunities arise to work together, that it makes the process a more complete and valuable experience for everyone involved so we would like to thank our colleagues Jennifer Dawson, Becky Brazil and Hans Clausen for their contributions and help within the project.



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