Although we have not been able to work on the wards during lockdown, we have been busy devising a programme which can be delivered under the current restrictions. It has been really lovely to keep in touch with you all over the last 6 months, your creativity over this period has been really inspiring, we will be sharing some of your fantastic work in future posts.

We are going to kick off with the wonderful group of volunteer gardeners who help us maintain and keep the garden around the Glasshouses Creative Hub, REH, looking really lovely. During lockdown they have not been able to be on site, but have been catching up round a virtual kitchen table using Zoom. They have been sharing gardening stories, tips and cake, all in the virtual stratosphere of course! We found that during lockdown people still wanted that personal contact even if it was on the end of a video call. It’s been really important to keep our brilliant group of volunteers talking to each other until they can all meet up again in the future. You can see what they have been up to in the Gardening newsletter above.

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