Taster Tester workshops

This year we started doing taster tester workshops on the wards. These comprised a series of two workshops per ward. These were designed to help us get to know patients and staff on different wards while helping us determine whether the ward wanted us to develop a longer workshop programme with them. The intention was to do the taster tester workshops on four wards and then develop a workshop programme on two of those wards. The feedback at the end was that each ward wanted us to work with them on a longer basis, therefore we initiated four workshop programmes which go onto the end of March 2016.

The taster tester workshops were on Wards 13, 14, 17 and Balcarres and we are currently working on Ward 14 and Balcarres. Here are some photographs from the initial workshops. Later on in the blog you can see what we have been doing on each of the wards.

IMG_0367 IMG_0432 IMG_0440 IMG_0321 IMG_0322 IMG_0368 IMG_0384 IMG_0389 IMG_0373 IMG_0356 IMG_0310 IMG_0316

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